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Instagram Story “Portions”

This is an Instagram story ad for the “Portions” app, created using Adobe Illustrator. Here, Humayra has used the application to create each individual art work (the fruits, veggies, and soup elements) and has brought them together with the use of colours, spacing, and carefully placed texts. The details are kept simple, and the theme and colour scheme are consistent, giving the work a complete look. This piece demonstrates a work that is suitable for social media, which clients may be interested to see an example of if they are looking for social media content or ads of their own.

Poster “Green Haven”

This work features an original poster for “Green Haven Travel Agency” consisting of vibrant colours and smooth features. Made using Adobe Photoshop, this work consists of a perfect balance between text and imagery. It features various images of natural scenes combined seamlessly in Photoshop to give the piece a cohesive finish. The background melts into the additional layers of the image, and the added elements blend well into the overall piece. The ultimate result is a serene and aesthetic landscape with a simple and memorable call to action. This work is a perfect example of the type of advertising and poster-style work that clients may wish to request. It also highlights the capabilities of the artist with the Photoshop platform.